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Hi, I'm Joey!

My name is Joey. I'm a Brit living in Berlin with my two best friends and constant companions, Prince and Yoto. I'm a writer by profession and, in need of a passion project, I decided it's time that I start a blog.

Initially, the focus of this blog was on my life with my dogs, as I am passionate about and read prodigiously on the topics of responsible pet care, nutrition and veterinary medicine.

However, after taking a prolonged break from writing, I have returned with a new direction. I've decided I'm going to tackle difficult issues and pet peeves that are the root causes of the widening divisions in our societies.

All across the west, we are seeing the rise of fascist ideologies that are propelled by misinformation and falsehoods that aren't respectfully debated because people only communicate amongst their echo chambers except for when they're screaming at the other side. This needs to change.

Politically-speaking, I'm center-left but I associate with people across all parts of the political spectrum. I absorb global current affairs from a range of high-quality news sources, such as the Economist, the New York Times, the BBC and the Guardian and I discuss differing opinions with all those around me. I am also a history buff, as I think you need to know where you have been to be able to see where you are going.

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